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 Map and Lobby Codes

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PostSubject: Map and Lobby Codes   Mon Nov 30, 2009 11:27 pm


#Map Background Color
;Red color tone
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004C2F50
0x00000160 0x3F25A5A6

#Map Background Color
;Green color tone
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004C2F50
0x00000164 0x3F25A5A6

#Map Background Color
;Blue color tone
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004C2F50
0x00000168 0x3F25A5A6

#Map Background Colors[OFF]
;Turn oFF
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004C2F50
0x00000160 0x3F25A5A6
0x00000164 0x3F25A5A6
0x00000168 0x3F25A5A6

#Map Background Colors
;Red color tone
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004C2F50
0x00000160 0x3F25A5A6
0x00000164 0x00
0x00000168 0x00

#Map Background Colors
;Green Color Tone
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004C2F50
0x00000160 0x00
0x00000164 0x3F25A5A6
0x00000168 0x00

#Map Background Colors
;Blue Color TOne
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004C2F50
0x00000160 0x00
0x00000164 0x00
0x00000168 0x3F25A5A6

--Explosion and smoke

#Explosion Color
;turn on then throw explosive
0x00503F00 0x0000005F

#orange smoke
0x00503F00 0x0000006F

#purple smoke
0x00326CD8 0x00000000
0x00326CFC 0x35080000

#yellow smoke
0x00326CD8 0x00000000
0x00326D10 0x34840000

#blue smoke
0x00326CD8 0x00000000
0x00326cdc 0x24050000

#particle smoke
0x00326F38 0x3C074480

#Disco smoke
0x00326B34 0x03E00008

#aqua smoke
0x00326CD8 0x00000000
0x00326CEC 0x3C040000


#Yellow Flashing Slots
;Cheat HZ 15/1000
0x00a591a8 0x00130004
0x00a591c0 0x00130004
0x00a591f0 0x00130004
0x00a591d8 0x00130004
0x00a59208 0x00130004
0x00a59220 0x00130004
0x00a59238 0x00130004
0x00a59250 0x00130004
0x00a59268 0x00130004
0x00a59280 0x00130004
0x00a59298 0x00130004
0x00a592b0 0x00130004
0x00a592c8 0x00130004
0x00a592e0 0x00130004
0x00a592f8 0x00130004
0x00a59310 0x00130004

#Dark Lobby
0x00A4DF40 0X00000000
0x00A4DF48 0X00000000
0x00A4DF50 0X00000000
0x00A4DF58 0X00000000
0x00A4DF60 0X00000000
0x00A4DF68 0X00000000
0x00A4DF70 0X00000000
0x00A4DF78 0X00000000
0X00A4DF80 0X00000000
0X00A4DF88 0X00000000
0X00A4DF90 0X00000000
0X00A4DF98 0X00000000
0X00A4DFA0 0X00000000
0X00A4DFA8 0X00000000
0X00A4DFB0 0X00000000
0X00A4DFB8 0X00000000
0X00A4DFC0 0X00000000
0X00A4DFC8 0X00000000
0X00A4DFD0 0X00000000
0X00A4DFD8 0X00000000
0X00A4DFE0 0X00000000
0X00A4DFE8 0X00000000
0X00A4DFF0 0X00000000
0X00A4DFF8 0X00000000
0X00A4E000 0X00000000
0X00A4E008 0X00000000
0X00A4E010 0X00000000
0X00A4E018 0X00000000
0X00A4E020 0X00000000
0X00A4E028 0X00000000
0X00A4E030 0X00000000
0X00A4E038 0X00000000
0X00A4E040 0X00000000
0X00A4E048 0X00000000
0X00A4E050 0X00000000
0X00A4E058 0X00000000
0X00A4E060 0X00000000
0X00A4E068 0X00000000
0X00A4E070 0X00000000
0X00A4E078 0X00000000
0X00A4E080 0X00000000
0X00A4E088 0X00000000
0X00A4E090 0X00000000
0X00A4E0A0 0X00000000
0X00A4E0A8 0X00000000
0X00A4E0B0 0X00000000
0X00A4E0B8 0X00000000
0X00A4E0C0 0X00000000
0X00A4E0C8 0X00000000
0X00A4E0D0 0X00000000
0X00A4E0D8 0X00000000
0X00A4E0E0 0X00000000
0X00A4E0E8 0X00000000
0X00A4E0F0 0X00000000
0X00A4E0F8 0X00000000
0X00A4E100 0X00000000
0X00A4E108 0X00000000
0X00A4E110 0X00000000
0X00A4E118 0X00000000
0X00A4E120 0X00000000
0X00A4E128 0X00000000
0X00A4E130 0X00000000
0X00A4E138 0X00000000
0X00A4E140 0X00000000
0X00A4E148 0X00000000

;[Modded] By WeeZyxBaBy
;Crazy Dark Lobby
0x00503ED0 0x000003B6
0x004e81Fc 0x00000001

--In-game and unorganized

0x00538B30 0x0ABC1FFF
0x00538B24 0x00000056
0x00538B24 0x00004E1C
0x0051876C 0xC56009EB

#Dark Side Map
;Makes the Map Darker
;Basically so it wont hurt your eyes as much
0x00538B30 0x00999CDA

#Green reticule and radar(1.60)
;ported jwil
0x00353544 0x30A50000

#Purple reticule and radar(1.60)
;ported jwil
0x00352fa0 0x30860000

#Yellow reticule and radar(1.60)
;ported jwil
0x00352fc4 0x30840000

#Blue World(1.60)
;ported jwil
0x00353b08 0x3C140000

#Purple world(1.60)
;ported jwil
0x00353b48 0x30A50000

#Blue Player(1.60)
;ported jwil
0x00353c8c 0x30C60000

#Purple Player(1.60)
;ported jwil
0x00353c10 0x30A80000

#Black water(1.60)
;ported jwil
0x00352e98 0x30850000

#purple water(1.60)
;ported jwil
0x00352efc 0x30A50000

#Black Night Vision
;[Modded] by WeeZyxBaBy
0x00528B24 0x00000000
0x00538B30 0x00000001

#Freeze Screen
0x00505904 0x4BAF6D65

#Remove Everything From Screen
0x00538B5C 0x44000000

Acid Trip
;no ban
;no button
0x00000004 0x0a5C0000
0x00F00000 0x3c0808d4
0x00F00004 0x8d098b30
0x00F00008 0x340a1101
0x00F0000c 0x012a5822
0x00F00010 0xad0b8b30
0x00F00014 0x03E00008

#Acid Off
;turn the acid trip code off first
;returns the map to normal
0x00538b30 0xFFFFFFFF

0x00538B30 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00538B24 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00538B30 0xFFFFFFFF
0x0051876C 0xFFFFFFFF

#Kush Map
;Makes da Map da Color of Kush
;u know, da shit we be smokin
0x00538B30 0x00099BBB

0x00000098 0x0A400000
0x00800000 0x3C0808D3
0x00800004 0x35088B30
0x00800008 0x3C0908D1
0x0080000C 0x35298770
0x00800010 0x3C0A08D1
0x00800014 0x354A8768
0x00800018 0x3C0B08D0
0x0080001C 0x8D6C5858
0x00800020 0x11800005
0x00800024 0x00000000
0x00800028 0x8D8D001C
0x0080002C 0xAD0D0000
0x00800030 0xAD2D0000
0x00800034 0xAD4D0000
0x00800038 0x03E00008
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Map and Lobby Codes
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