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» i want to join
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 Body Mover v3

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PostSubject: Body Mover v3   Mon Nov 30, 2009 11:28 pm

#Body Mover v3
;X to jump
;Dpad up to go forward
;dpad down to go backwards
;L to go left
;R to go right
0x00000098 0x0a401400
0x00805000 0x3c0808cc
0x00805004 0x350888f4
0x00805008 0x3c0909a8
0x0080500c 0x8529e1e4
0x00805010 0x340a0010
0x00805014 0x340b0040
0x00805018 0x340c0100
0x0080501c 0x340d0200
0x00805020 0x340e4000
0x00805024 0x8d0f0000
0x00805028 0xade001d0
0x0080502c 0xade001d4
0x00805030 0xade001d8
0x00805034 0x112b000d
0x0080503c 0x112c000f
0x00805044 0x112d0011
0x0080504C 0x112e0013
0x00805054 0x152a0013
0x0080505C 0x3c18c370
0x00805060 0xadf801d8
0x00805064 0x0a401429
0x0080506C 0x3c184370
0x00805070 0xadf801d8
0x00805074 0x0a401429
0x0080507C 0x3c18c370
0x00805080 0xadf801d0
0x00805084 0x0a401429
0x0080508C 0x3c184370
0x00805090 0xadf801d0
0x00805094 0x0a401429
0x0080509c 0x3c184300
0x008050a0 0xadf801d4
0x008050a4 0x03e00008
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Body Mover v3
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