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 Tonic's Complete release w/ FunctionCopier

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Join date : 2009-11-30

PostSubject: Tonic's Complete release w/ FunctionCopier   Mon Nov 30, 2009 11:35 pm

Tonic's Complete FunctionCopier release. i do not take any credit. just for posting.

#Animated IMPOSTER
0x007f058c 0x0a3faa40
0x007ea8f0 0x08d61458
0x007ea8f8 0x08d614d8
0x007ea900 0x27bdff90
0x007ea904 0xafa40000
0x007ea908 0xafa50004
0x007ea90c 0xafa60008
0x007ea910 0xafa7000c
0x007ea914 0xafb00010
0x007ea918 0xafb10014
0x007ea91c 0xafb20018
0x007ea920 0xafa8001c
0x007ea924 0xafa90020
0x007ea928 0xafbf0024
0x007ea92c 0x3c1008ff
0x007ea930 0x3c1108d0
0x007ea934 0x8e315858
0x007ea938 0x8e240000
0x007ea93c 0x8e08a8f0
0x007ea940 0xae08a8f4
0x007ea944 0x8e19a8f4
0x007ea948 0x8f250000
0x007ea94c 0x24a50002
0x007ea950 0x10a40009
0x007ea958 0x8e18a8f4
0x007ea95c 0x27180008
0x007ea960 0xae18a8f4
0x007ea964 0x8e0fa8f8
0x007ea968 0x130f0015
0x007ea970 0x1000fff4
0x007ea978 0x8f2a0004
0x007ea97c 0x854b000e
0x007ea980 0x8606ab02
0x007ea984 0x34130004
0x007ea988 0x25080001
0x007ea994 0x14cb000d
0x007ea99c 0x860bac02
0x007ea9a0 0xa54b000e
0x007ea9a4 0x8e0cac04
0x007ea9a8 0xad4c0010
0x007ea9ac 0x8e0dac08
0x007ea9b0 0xad4d0014
0x007ea9b4 0x8e0eac0c
0x007ea9b8 0xad4e0018
0x007ea9bc 0x8e11ac10
0x007ea9c0 0xad51001c
0x007ea9c4 0x0a3faa7c
0x007ea9cc 0xa546000e
0x007ea9d0 0x8e0bab04
0x007ea9d4 0xad4b0010
0x007ea9d8 0x8e0cab08
0x007ea9dc 0xad4c0014
0x007ea9e0 0x8e0dab0c
0x007ea9e4 0xad4d0018
0x007ea9e8 0x8e0eab10
0x007ea9ec 0xad4e001c
0x007ea9f0 0x8fa40000
0x007ea9f4 0x8fa50004
0x007ea9f8 0x8fa60008
0x007ea9fc 0x8fa7000c
0x007eaa00 0x8fb00010
0x007eaa04 0x8fb10014
0x007eaa08 0x8fb20018
0x007eaa0c 0x8fa8001c
0x007eaa10 0x8fa90020
0x007eaa14 0x8fbf0024
0x007eaa18 0x03e00008
0x007eaa1c 0x27bd0070
0x007eab00 0x6f540000
0x007eab04 0x0063696E
0x007eac00 0x77500000
0x007eac04 0x0000736e

#Function Copier
;Turn on and off
0x0037C07C 0x0a3fbe80
0x007efa00 0x3c0f03e0
0x007efa04 0x35ef0008
0x007efa08 0x3c0a08ff
0x007efa0c 0x3c0908ff
0x007efa10 0x2529fe00
0x007efa14 0x8d2d0000
0x007efa18 0x8dae0000
0x007efa1c 0x354a0000
0x007efa20 0x11cf0006
0x007efa28 0xad4e0000
0x007efa2c 0x254a0004
0x007efa30 0x25ad0004
0x007efa34 0x1000fff8
0x007efa40 0xad4e0000
0x007efa44 0x254a0004
0x007efa48 0x25ad0004
0x007efa4c 0x8dae0000
0x007efa50 0xad4e0000
0x007efa54 0x25290004
0x007efa58 0x8d380000
0x007efa5c 0x1700ffed
0x007efa60 0x254a0004
0x007efa64 0x03e00008
0x007efe00 0x08a25690
0x007efe04 0x08a25788
0x007efe08 0x089e2ed8
0x007efe0c 0x08a524c4
0x007efe10 0x089496a8
0x007efe14 0x08949aac
0x007efe18 0x089dba10
0x007efe1c 0x089e251c
0x007efe20 0x08a7c9b0
0x007efe24 0x08a7a320
0x007efe28 0x08b0f170
0x007efe2c 0x08b14458
0x007efe30 0x089006e8
0x007efe34 0x08a82738
0x007efe38 0x08a82800
0x007efe3c 0x08a4303c
0x007efe40 0x08995430
0x007efe44 0x089954cc
0x007efe48 0x089013f8
0x007efe4c 0x08985e7c
0x007efe50 0x08985de4
0x007efe54 0x08947a3c
0x007efe58 0x08a749b0
0x007efe5c 0x08a71c84
0x007efe60 0x08a7219c
0x007efe64 0x08a62b2c
0x007efe68 0x08a6d64c
0x007efe6c 0x08901940
0x007efe70 0x089017ec

0x004DDF58 0x08ff3abc
0x0049bd44 0x08fcfa00
0x007cfa00 0x02602025
0x007cfa04 0x02402825
0x007cfa08 0x02203025
0x007cfa0c 0x0e3fc000
0x007cfa10 0x02003825
0x007cfa14 0x8fb00010
0x007cfa18 0x8fb10014
0x007cfa1c 0x8fb20018
0x007cfa20 0x8fb3001c
0x007cfa24 0x8fbf0020
0x007cfa28 0x03e00008
0x007cfa2c 0x27bd0030
0x007f00a0 0x4500000e
0x007f0024 0x1040ffca
0x007f0074 0x14a0ffb6
0x007eff50 0x00001025
0x007eff54 0x8fb00010
0x007eff58 0x8fb10014
0x007eff5c 0x8fb20018
0x007eff60 0x8fbf001c
0x007eff64 0x03e00008
0x007eff68 0x27bd0020
0x004DE008 0x08ff0188
0x004DE018 0x08ff0594
0x004C396C 0x08ff0e34
0x004C3984 0x08ff0ea0
0x004DE010 0x08ff0ec0
0x004DDFF0 0x08ff1174
0x007F145C 0x0e3fc601
0x007F1E70 0x0e3fc9ef
0x007F27E0 0x0e3fca18
0x007F28A4 0x0e3fca39
0x007f1d68 0x0e3fcc8a
0x004DDF58 0x08ff3abc
0x004de9b8 0x08ff3abc
0x004debc0 0x08ff3abc
0x004e4bd4 0x08ff3abc
0x0053e014 0x08ff41fc
0x0053dfd0 0x08ff4294
0x007F4144 0x0E3FD06D
0x007F4168 0x0e3fd06d
0x007f0ea8 0x0e3fd0cb
0x004dea70 0x08ff4530
0x007f4540 0x0e3fd155
0x007f49c4 0x0e3fd2c2
0x007f0f88 0x0e3fd388
0x007f44ec 0x0e3fd5bf
0x007f5724 0x0e3fd5d7
0x007f5734 0x3c0608ff
0x007f5748 0x24c6575c
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004FF520
0x00000804 0x08ff30a0

#In Game Only Activation
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004c6474
0x000000e0 0x08ff401c
0x00000c14 0x08ff401c

#Taunt Boot Mega
;Must change rehooks
0x007f41d4 0x34050003

#Taunt = KILL
0x007F4144 0x0e3faa84
0x007F4168 0x0e3faa84
0x007eaa10 0x27bdffd0
0x007eaa14 0xafa40020
0x007eaa18 0x3c0408d6
0x007eaa1c 0xafb00024
0x007eaa20 0x8c87176c
0x007eaa24 0x24891750
0x007eaa28 0x3c0408d0
0x007eaa2c 0x34050040
0x007eaa30 0x2406ffff
0x007eaa34 0x34080008
0x007eaa3c 0x00005025
0x007eaa40 0xafbf0028
0x007eaa44 0x0e23b99f
0x007eaa48 0x248444d8
0x007eaa4c 0x00002025
0x007eaa50 0x00002825
0x007eaa54 0x00003025
0x007eaa5c 0x02003825
0x007eaa60 0x8fb00024
0x007eaa64 0x8fbf0028
0x007eaa68 0x03e00008
0x007eaa6c 0x27bd0030
0x00561754 0x3106FFFC

#One shot kill - DETECTOR
0x004BE000 0xAFB4003C
0x004BE004 0x27BDFFE0
0x004BE008 0xAFA40000
0x004BE00C 0xAFA50004
0x004BE010 0xAFA60008
0x004BE014 0xAFA7000C
0x004BE018 0xAFA20010
0x004BE01C 0xAFA30014
0x004BE020 0xAFB00018
0x004BE024 0xAFBF001C
0x004BE028 0x3C1008CC
0x004BE02C 0x80F90004
0x004BE030 0x2218E100
0x004BE034 0x03197825
0x004BE038 0x80F90005
0x004BE03C 0x81F80000
0x004BE040 0x0319782A
0x004BE044 0x0320702A
0x004BE048 0x01EE7825
0x004BE04C 0x84ED0000
0x004BE050 0x140F0005
0x004BE054 0x200C0042
0x004BE058 0x80F80007
0x004BE05C 0x200F0010
0x004BE060 0x170F0005
0x004BE064 0x200C003B
0x004BE068 0x2207E1C0
0x004BE06C 0xA4ED0000
0x004BE070 0x0E240510
0x004BE074 0xACEC0004
0x004BE078 0x8FA40000
0x004BE07C 0x8FA50004
0x004BE080 0x8FA60008
0x004BE084 0x8FA7000C
0x004BE088 0x8FA20010
0x004BE08C 0x8FA30014
0x004BE090 0x8FB00018
0x004BE094 0x8FBF001C
0x004BE098 0x03E00008
0x004BE09C 0x27BD0020
0x004BE11C 0x03000000
0x004BE120 0x00020000
0x004BE124 0x02000202
0x004BE128 0x00000204
0x004BE130 0x05000000
0x004BE134 0x00050000
0x004BE138 0x00060000
0x004BE144 0x00000505
0x004BE148 0x06050507
0x004BE14C 0x06000000
0x004BE154 0x06000600
0x004BE158 0x06000806
0x004BE15C 0x05000000
0x004BE160 0x00060000
0x004BE164 0x0C060000
0x004BE168 0x0A060006
0x004BE16C 0x04060508
0x004BE1C2 0xFFFF
0x0057DC38 0x44414548
0x0057DC3C 0x544F4853
0x0057DC40 0x00000000
0x007F30c4 0xAFBF0040
0x007F30c8 0x0E32F800
0x007F30cC 0xAFB30038

#Text Boot
0x007f5850 0x34050003

#Spam Text In Game
0x004de000 0x08ff575c

#hijack text
;text at 0x012019e4
0x007f5828 0x0E32E665
0x004B9994 0x27BDFFF0
0x004B9998 0xAFBF0000
0x004B999C 0x3C1908C1
0x004B99A0 0x27395F68
0x004B99A4 0x3C0509a0
0x004B99A8 0x0320F809
0x004B99AC 0x24A519e4
0x004B99B0 0x8FBF0000
0x004B99B4 0x03E00008
0x004B99B8 0x27BD0010
0x007f5794 0x0E32E672
0x004B99C8 0x27BDFFF0
0x004B99CC 0xAFBF0000
0x004B99D0 0x3C1908C1
0x004B99D4 0x27395FAC
0x004B99D8 0x3C0409a0
0x004B99DC 0x0320F809
0x004B99E0 0x248419e4
0x004B99E4 0x8FBF0000
0x004B99E8 0x03E00008
0x004B99EC 0x27BD0010
;The message
0x012019e4 0x7D312A7B
0x012019e8 0x6B726144
0x012019ec 0x65646973
0x012019f0 0x6B636168
0x012019f4 0x2E737265
0x012019f8 0x006D6F63

#Mark & Recall Menu
0x007f4218 0x0e400080
0x00800200 0x3c0808d0
0x00800204 0x8d085858
0x00800208 0xc5010018
0x0080020c 0xc502001c
0x00800210 0xc5030020
0x00800214 0x3c090900
0x00800218 0xe5210300
0x0080021c 0xe5220304
0x00800220 0xe5230308
0x00800224 0x03e00008
0x007f42b0 0x0e400094
0x00800250 0x3c0808d0
0x00800254 0x8d085858
0x00800258 0x3c090900
0x0080025c 0xc5210300
0x00800260 0xc5220304
0x00800264 0xc5230308
0x00800268 0xe5010018
0x0080026c 0xe502001c
0x00800270 0xe5030020
0x00800274 0x03e00008
0x007f424c 0x263172f4
0x007f42e4 0x263172d8
0x004972f4 0x7D312A7B
0x004972f8 0x4B52414D
0x004972fc 0x00000000
0x004972d8 0x7D322A7B
0x004972dc 0x61636552
0x004972e0 0x00006C6C

#Lobby Boot
0x007f0eb8 0x0a3fd06d

#Knife Mode
0x007f3b20 0x90840003

#Super Jump
0x007f009c 0x3c084050;Height
0x007f0118 0x44887800

#Uncensored Text
0x007f44c4 0x00000000

#Vertical Clipping
0x007f0224 0x00000000

0x007f0224 0x0e294b59

#No Player Collision
0x007f0830 0x90840000

#Rapid Switch Teams
0x007f0e60 0x00000000
0x007f0e88 0x34020000

#Spam Text
0x007f0eb0 0x32020000

#No Shock (Real Deal)
0x007f5230 0x00000000

#Dead Or Alive (DOA/Play Dead)
0x007f4d60 0x00000000
0x007f55c0 0x00000000

#Skywalker (Real Deal)
0x007f0f1c 0x00000000

#Skywalker [OFF]
0x007f0f1c 0x0e29cad4

#Infinite Ammo / Rapid Fire
0x007F294C 0x00000000
0x007f3780 0x1000000B
0x004c9600 0x00000001

#No Recoil
0x007f1978 0x00000000

#Free flow
0x005fe1ac 0x00000001
0x005fe1d4 0x00000000
0x005fd458 0x00000000
0x005fd430 0x00000001
0x005fd0b8 0x00000001
0x005fd0e0 0x00000000
0x005fcd3c 0x00000001
0x005fcd64 0x00000000
0x005fc9b4 0x00000001
0x005fc9dc 0x00000000
0x005fdb20 0x00000001
0x005fdb48 0x00000000
0x005fe4e8 0x00000000
0x005fe4c0 0x00000001

0x004C8778 0x08fd0000
0x004C8Ad4 0x08fd0000
0x007d0000 0x436b0000
0x007d0004 0x43b40000
0x007d000c 0x42200000
0x007d0010 0x42e60000
0x007d0014 0x6fffffff
0x007d0018 0xffffffff
0x007d001c 0x40d00000
0x007d0020 0x40400000
0x007d0024 0x42780000
0x007d0028 0x42b60000
0x007d002c 0x42f00000
0x007d003c 0x3f99999a
0x007d0040 0x3f666666
0x007d0044 0x3f19999a
0x007d0048 0x3f000000
0x007d004c 0x3fc00000
0x007d0050 0x3fc00000
0x007d0054 0x3e4ccccd
0x007d0058 0x40a00000
0x007d005c 0x40000000
0x007d0060 0x40a00000
0x007d0064 0x40000000
0x007d0068 0x40a00000
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Tonic's Complete release w/ FunctionCopier
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